Women Fitness Clothing

Comfortable sportswear for sporty women and fit girls. Choose your favorite sports leggings, top, hoodie or stretchy shorts. All sportswear is provided with a striking and colorful Graffiti design.

Graffiti beasts women's sportswear

Do you want to stand out in the gym with your sportswear, but do you find wearing comfort very important? Then the Graffiti Beasts women's sportswear is definitely for you. This fitness clothing for women is unique because of the striking prints in graffiti style. Nevertheless, the hip sportswear for women from Graffiti Beasts is very comfortable to wear.

The Graffitibeasts women's sportswear consists of:

Discover our hip ladies sportswear

Do you use the same sportswear for women during various activities? That is a real shame! For every activity you can find unique women's sportswear at GraffitiBeasts. When it comes to workouts, you naturally want the best material and a comfortable seamless fit. For optimal results during your spinning classes, you naturally want the right sportswear for women. That is why we have some tips for you! Not only for design and color, but also for your physique and activity!

Suitable women's sportswear based on physique

Not so sure about your weight? Go for one of our training pants for women, sporty sports shirts or sports leggings for women! Whether you are big or small, have a pear figure, or are an athletic demigod. GraffitiBeasts has the perfect sportswear for women! Not quite in shape yet? Then choose a design that is not so noticeable and has dark colors. For example: The SKI sports leggings

Color / design of our sportswear for women

From dark to light colors, bright graffiti art or a more subdued design. Add color to your sports outfits. The hip sportswear for women from GraffitiBeasts steal the show with the eye-catching prints of real graffiti artists from all over the world. We are happy to help you to make your wardrobe unique and complete. Style advice: If you like prints, choose a sports legging that is quiet and matches the colors of your beautiful sportswear for women. Never wear two prints on top of each other.

Fabrics / characteristics

Our sportswear for women is water-repellent due to the cool down technique. With the high-quality stretch material, it is abrasion-resistant and very soft and comfortable. That is why GraffitiBeasts ladies sportswear is ideal as running clothing, fitness clothing or yoga clothing. We have tested all our designs so that you don't have to worry about the material showing through. This way you can stretch and move endlessly!

Material of our ladies fitness clothing

The ultra-light material of the Graffitibeasts sportswear features a unique print based on existing graffiti art. This guarantees you to distinguish yourself in the gym. Our ladies sportswear is made of 10% elastane and 90% polyamide which ensures an ideal fit. You hardly feel the fitness clothing for women and the cooldown effect does not make it too hot or too cold.