Men's Sports Legging Mr.Wany

Men's sports leggings with unique graffiti print. From the artist Mr.Wany. These leggings are made of 10% Elastane and 90% Cool Down Polyamide for an optimal fit and good moisture management.

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Men's sports leggings with unique graffiti prints. These sports leggings are Squatproof and ideal for fitness and the gym. The special sports leggings are widely used for cardio sports such as running, spinning or fitness. Thanks to the combination of 10% Elastane and 90% Cool Down Polyamide, you won't get hot due to the optimal moisture regulation. The fabric is provided with UV protection for the skin and ensures that the colors do not become lighter. Thanks to the use of Max Stretch material, the leggings are not translucent when there is tension. So you can exercise carefree with the Graffitibeasts sports leggings.

The prints are based on graffiti walls, print may differ from the photo

Washing instructions for our sports leggings; can be washed at 30 degrees, not suitable for the dryer.

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Milan, Italy


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