Absolutely planned freestyle 

Sasha Trun (Trunskee) is a professional graffiti artist from St. Petersburg, an expert in typefaces.
During 17 years of drawing he has developed his unique style and a number of techniques that are recognized all over the world. For Trun, working on typefaces is a huge field of work with endless possibilities for experiments. His style is easily recognizable by the special grace of letters, accuracy and dynamic lines. The primary is the harmony of the interaction of letters and balance.
Sasha Trun is an active figure in the graffiti culture:
• Creator of the world famous TAD (Top and Dope) team. • Organizer of festivals such as: Meeting of Styles ('07, '08, '09, 2011), 'Year of Germany in Russia' (2012-2014), Streetfire, Street Summit, Montana Jam and many others.
• Permanent participant in the biggest international graffiti festivals: Step In The Arena, Roskilde, Urban Syndromes etc., and a guest of private closed European graffiti festivals.
He pays a lot of attention to the interaction with the younger generation of graffiti artists, who regularly hold masterclasses and lectures. One of these social projects is the Sketchy group that focuses on working on sketches.
Trun is currently expanding its creative horizon further. The main goal is to release all potential inherent in working on fonts and to find a broad application for them.


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