Flat-out: Mr.Wany!

Andrea was born in 1978 in Brindisi. In 1990 he was already popular in the scene of his city because of his characters, and later he became one of the Italian pioneers of European graffiti by the Mr.Wany tag.

He attended the Art School Edgardo Simone in Brindisi and then graduated with honors at the International School of Comics in Rome. In 2000 he moved to Bologna working as Art Director at Dynit, one of the most important cartoons and Japanese comics publishers. In 2007 he relocated to Milan upon signing a contract with a major gallery. Following this experience, he opened his own studio The Amazing Art, committing full-time to the contemporary art world.          
His unmistakable style is now a fruitful combination of illustration and comics, pop surrealist painting, graffitiurism, tattoo, style writing, urban art and new muralism. Flat-out: Mr.Wany!          


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