We forget about what surrounds us.

Born in Portugal, Lisbon, in 1990, he has always been connected to the Art world. The name Edis One came in 2007 as a simple tag. Since then the artist has used the pseudonym to spread his own brand and his work.

Multidisciplinary and passionate about the arts, Edis One fits easily to any type of art and work. Has focused his activity in graffiti, graphic design, web design, industrial design, painting and photography. He did his degree in Design in IADE-Institute of Visual Arts, Design and Marketing in three years. Completing the same in Vienna, doing the Erasmus Program in Industrial Design at the University of Applied Arts Vienna.
In partnership with the Municipal District of Lisbon and Gallery of Urban Art in Lisbon, Edis One legalized six walls in Telheiras to practice graffiti.
In 2017 he held his first exhibition, where he mixes two typically Portuguese materials, cork and tile with graffiti. In this exhibition, the commander Joe Berardo, acquired one of the works. The work was exhibited at the Berardo Collection Museum in the Cultural Center of Belém.
In 2018 he had the IT MAKES SENSE exhibition in the Arte Periférica Gallery in Lisbon. Where he created the mural It Makes Sense at Centro Cultural de Belém.
Through the gallery was present at the International Art Fair in Madrid, Art Madrid 2018.


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