My whole life is devoted to art.

Mike Baca went to the High School of Art and Design. He gets his inspiration from New York City. Calls it a monster It’s always alive and a constant source of inspiration.

2ESAE and SKI spent years painting the streets before forming the collective UR New York based on the philosophy of creation from destruction- transforming the illegal graffiti perception into positive urban art. 2ESAE and SKI work collaboratively challenging each other to become better individuals, and more creative talents.As a result 2ESAE and SKI have developed a trusting bond, which identifies them from singular urban artists.          
URNY is collectively made up of Fernando Romero and Mike Baca, whose mission is to inspire creativity amongst the youth through their work. Their mixed media art pieces are bold to say the least, paying homage to the New York City Streets, and evoking a sense of familiarity that resonates with their viewers. Drawing inspiration from their environment, some of their go-to mediums include photography, silk-screen, graffiti. When they are not brainstorming and experimenting in their studio, they travel in the name of artistic philanthropy, reaching out and exposing the youth of various cultures to graffiti and self expression.          



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